Avoriaz – Ski school – Leisure centre – Your questions

All the questions you may be asking yourself…


I would like to book, what is your availability and how much far in advance must I book?

We only take reservations on our website. Our availability is very variable, it is therefore recommended to book from Autumn for the Winter season. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you by mail with your reservation number.

We arrive in the middle of the week, yet I saw that it was only possible to book starting on a Sunday or a Monday. What should I do ?

For an arrival in the middle of the week or to book for less than 5 days, you will need to come and book directly at the reception, according to availability and the possibility of joining a group according to your child’s level.



How are the meals organised?

Children have lunch inside the Village des Enfants chalet (starter, hot main course and dessert), served by the supervising staff, then the ski instructors collect them for their afternoon classes.


I booked half-days for my child but I would like him/her to have lunch at your school. How do I proceed?

You will need to come and buy lunch tickets on your arrival at the reception of Village des Enfants: if the child skis in the afternoon he/she will come at 12 p.m., if he/she skis in the morning you will pick him/her up at 1:30 p.m.



Are the equipment and skipasses supplied by the Village des Enfants?

The equipment and skipasses aren’t provided. The children must come equipped with the skipass needed according to their level.


What kind of skipass do I need to obtain for my child?

The 3-4 year-olds need a free skipass (to be purchase at the ski lift office). For beginners, Bronze (1st Star), Silver (2nd Star) levels and First in snowboarding, they will need the Avoriaz skipass from the first day of ski lessons. For Vermeil to Competition courses (3rd Star, Bronze Star, Gold Star, Flèche et Chamois), Fun, Free and Expert in snowboard, a Portes du Soleil skipass is needed all week.

Is the helmet obligatory?

Indeed, it ensures a better security for the child in case of falling down, and it allows him/her to get used to the use of protective equipment from a young age.



Do you have lessons only in French, only in English or a mix?

In group lessons, for each level, you will find (according to numbers) a group where both French and English are used.

My child doesn’t speak French nor English, is that a problem?

The instructors are used to teaching foreign language children and even if they don’t speak the same language it isn’t a problem to be understood.



My child wants to be in the same group as his friend, how to proceed?

Groups are formed according to age and the level, if they can be together you will have to ask the level manager that forms the groups on the first day.

Is it possible for my 3 year old and my 4 year old to be in the same group?

In this case it would be the older one that would go with the 3 year-olds, at the risk of being bored. 3 and 4 year-olds aren’t put together because the pace and progression are different. We advise you to leave them in two distinct groups. They will be close to one another during the ski lessons and will nonetheless be able to have lunch and go to the entertainment together

I would like to enrol my 3 year-old for full days, is it too difficult at that age?

If your child is booked for full days, he/she will be with other children of the same age who are also booked in for full days. The instructor or supervisor will then adapt to their pace. They will alternate skiing and games for a gentle and fun learning process.

If my child is too tired or doesn’t want to ski, what happens?

In case your child gets really upset, or gets cold or very tired, there is always a supervisor inside who will take care of him/her and provide comfort or arrange a nap if needed. The supervisor will let him/her join the group as soon as he/she feels better.