Advice to Parents

Here are a few tips for a good week:

  • In the morning, after leaving your child with the activity leader, please leave quickly so as not to give way to sadness: as soon as you have gone, your child will enjoy the day, under the watchful eye of the activity leader team.
  • The weather changes very quickly in the mountains. Provide multi-layer clothing with warm and waterproof clothes that can be put on or taken off as needed.
  • For all the activities proposed, the child must wear a pair of sports trainers.
  • Each child needs a small backpack adapted to his/her size and containing: a K-Way, a fleece (even in good weather) and a snack.
  • It is best to dress the children in jogging or sports shorts.
  • For the little ones, don't hesitate to put a cuddly toy in their backpack: very useful in case of sadness or tiredness.
  • This is the equipment list required : Equipment required