In an exceptional area, with a shooting range enjoying a breathtaking view on the "vallée des ardoisières", come to discover outdoor Archery in Avoriaz.

Sport of skill, postural support and reflection, Archery is practiced in a fun or sporting way depending on the level, age and character of each.
From 5 to 99 years old, alone, with family or friends, come and play to Robin Hood in complete safety, supervised by a Graduate in Archery.

Located on the "boulevard des skieurs" behind the Aquariaz funpool, the Archery will welcome you throughout the summer season :
From Sunday to Friday from 10am to 1pm then 2pm to 7pm
Saturday morning only on reservation

Summer rates 2024

Registration online or on site or by phone during opening hours at
0033 6 76 02 96 090
Start on 2024 mai 1rst
Open from 2024 July 1rst to 30th

From 5 years old


Children can start archery from 5 years old with equipment adapted to their age.
The teaching of Archery to children will be done through a specific and adapted pedagogy which will develop :
  • Knowledge of the activity : the different parts of the bow
  • Self-knowledge : analyzing visual and proprioceptive information
  • Safety-related knowledge : compliance with safety instructions
  • Technique : respect for the vertical position of the body, alignment of the bow arm / hand of the rope / elbow, acquisition of the technique of appache aiming (alignment of the eye, arrow, center of the target) ...
While remaining playful and fun!

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Teens and adults

Archery is a sport of precision and concentration.
It allows you to get to know yourself better, to build your personality and to gain confidence. It encourages good self-control to manage your emotions.
It is a complete sport providing many physical benefits :
  • It works the whole body
  • It contributes to the improvement of the coordination of movements
  • It gives a feeling of freedom and inner calm
  • It is ideal for channeling energy and improving concentration
Several support options will be offered to you according to your desires : simple discovery of the discipline, complete initiation course, internship over several sessions with a follow-up of your progress ...

Registration on site during opening hours

Tournaments and  "Arrows" levels


Each week, tournaments will be organized to allow you to compete in a friendly manner with other shooters.
The days and times will be posted at the start of the week on the shooting range.

French Archery Federation Arrows Levels

Depending on your initial level and your progress during your holydays, you may be offered to take an "Arrow".
Of different colors depending on the level, the "Arrows" are recognized by the French Archery Federation and will certify the level acquired.

Information from your archery instructor

Privatization of the archery range

In order to offer tailor-made formulas, we suggest you privatize the archery range :

  • for a moment of social cohesion
  • for a family event
  • for a bachelor/bachelorette party
  • to have the archery range just for you...

Our instructors will be available to animate and supervise these privileged moments

From 55€ for 1 hour of privatization for 2 people.
10€ per additional person.

More information and free estimate on 0033 6 76 02 96 09 or at

Archery tag 

This new activity takes the basics of paintball, archery and dodgeball and adds its own special touch! It combines strategy and reflexes, in a fun and sporting setting!
Once you've donned a protective mask and your bow and arrow, you're ready to challenge your opponents as a team within a set time limit. The principle is simple: to win, you have to hit the opposing players with foam arrows. The last player in the game wins for his team! Accessible to everyone aged 8 and over, whatever your initial level of archery, come and enjoy this 100% fun, unique and delirious pastime.
You're just an arrow's throw away from discovering this great activity!
Your animator will suggest various team scenarios: group target protection, the flag game, a confrontation between two teams or the Highlander (there can only be one left!).
Don't wait any longer to challenge your friends, colleagues or family!


Archery is open to everyone from 5 years old with no age limit.
If you would like more information for your children or for adults, contact the Archery welcome desk
Summer rates 2024

Archery tag tournaments every Monday (except July 1) at 5.15pm at the VDE city stadium:
Ages 8 and up
Registration at the archery range or in the children's village, or by telephone on 06 76 02 96 09.
On-site registration possible at the time of the tournament, subject to availability.
7€ per person
Free Nerfery Tag and face painting for children under 8 at the same time.
Archery Tag summer 2024 rates

Bookings recommended at 0033 6 76 02 96 09 or at
Start on 2024 mai 1rst
30min handling of the equipment with the instructor (compulsory)
Use of the archery range, loan of shooting equipment and handling of the equipment, safety rules...
Issuance of a certificate
Shooting session of 1h
Use of the shooting range, loan of shooting and necessary equipment for 1 hour
6 shooting session of 1h
Use of the shooting range, loan of shooting and necessary equipment for 6 times x 1 hour
Shooting lesson of 1h
Use of the shooting range, loan of shooting and necessary equipment with a lesson with an instructor
  3 X 1H    LESSON          68€
3 shooting lesson of 1h with Arrow certificate
Use of the shooting range, loan of shooting equipment and necessary equipment + shooting course with an instructor for 3 x 1 hour
Issuance of an arrow certificate
 Arrow level 7€
Take an Arrow level
Take an Arrow level validated by a qualified instructor
 CONtest 7€
Tournament registration
Archery Tournament Registration
The tournament schedule is available in the entertainment program of the tourist office
Registration 1 person
Maximum group size: 12
Sur place
Tournament participation
Archery tag tournaments every Monday at 5.15pm (except July 1) at the VDE city stadium.
Sur place
Privatization for 4 people for 2 hours
Archery tag privatization
The extra hour of privatization
For any additional hour beyond 2 hours.
Additional person for privatization
From the 4th additional person for the privatization of the archery tag